Arm Pain

Arm pain

Arm pain denotes pain felt in various parts of the arm such as wrists, elbows or radiating through the upper and lower arm. The causes for arm pain can be varied and can be investigated using several diagnostic tests. Arm pain can at times result from a pinched nerve in the upper spine region or neck region or also due to joint injuries in the arm such as that of elbows or the shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint). In other severe cases, a radiating pain in the left pain can also be indicative of an episode of impending heart attack.

Causes of Arm Pain

Tennis Elbow

This condition can cause arm pain as it involves muscle soreness of the elbows due to the excessive repetitive movements of the arm.

Rotator Cuff Injury

The rotator cuff is muscles which hold the upper arm bone (humerus) in place within the shoulder socket (shoulder joint). Activities or sports involving excessive overhead motions of the arm can cause rotator cuff injury or tear, which can cause radiating arm pain.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel syndrome causes numbness and soreness of the whole arm including the arm and hand owing to the compression of nerves in the wrist.

Sprains & Strains

Sprains and strains, though not common, in the case of arms, can cause arm pain when the ligaments attached to bones in the main arm joints tear or undergo excessive stretching as a result of overuse of arms.

Treating Arm Pain at home

Arm pain can most importantly be alleviated by providing adequate & complete rest to the overworked arm muscles, with minimum movements. Elevating the affected arm at a slightly raised angle, using a pillow or support and resting it, can help in healing the sore muscles. Dabbing ice packs & applying compression (elastic bandages) to the affected area can prevent swelling.

Avoid using hot pads or hot showers. Gently massage the area to improve blood circulation and healing in the area. If the soreness or pain persists, medical supervision is absolutely necessary.

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