Corporate Wellness

We value our corporate neighbors! A community is made up of individuals…


Complimentary Wellness Programs for our Corporate Neighbors

We value our corporate neighbors! A community is made up of individuals and groups of individuals. It’s our purpose to help people live healthy, happy and active lives. About 30% of our lives are spent at work. So, we come to you, and help the HR Generalist, cultivate a healthy, educated and active workforce!

We offer the following complimentary services to our corporate neighbors:

  • Employee Pamper Event

We come to you with our professional, licensed massage therapists. We perform 10 minute chair massages and introduce people to the stress and pain relieving benefits of massage! And it’s easy to put on. We can accommodate corporations from 30 employees to over a thousand! Simply pick a date. An online sign up sheet is provided and employees simply pick the time that works best for them!

Reasons To Have A Pamper Event:

  • Office workers massaged regularly were more alert, performed better and were less stressed than those who weren’t massaged.
  • Over 50% of lost work days are stress related which keeps about 1 million people per day from attending work. Your employees will thank you!
  • The goodwill created can go a long way!

Learn and Lunch

Everyday, people take time to eat lunch. What better time to offer them the information they need to help themselves live a healthier life! And it’s simple to schedule. Pick a date and we will send over an announcement and online sign up sheet. Some of our most asked for lecture topics are:

  • Posture! You can correct it and work at a desk job too.
  • The New Ergonomics! Engineering applied to the human frame and the work station.
  • The Five Things You Need To Do To Live Optimally Healthy!
  • Getting Relief For Your Neck and Shoulder Pain Without Quitting Your Job!
  • Food Sensitivities And How They Affect You!
  • Avoiding Surgery With Carpal Tunnel

Health Fair Help!

We offer fun, informative and helpful activities for your health fair:

  • Chair Massage!
  • Posture Exams! Featuring “SAM” our posture analysis machine!
  • Games and more!

Did you know that per survey, the top reasons employees leave their desk to attend a health or benefits fair is

  • #1 Free Food
  • #2 Free Massage!

Our health fair staff are fun and informative!

Let us know when your next health or benefits fair is and we would be happy to provide our services!