Crista Gordon


Crista is one of our patient educators here at West2North Center and is an outgoing person, highly motivated by coffee. She is originally from Fort Wayne, IN and moved out to the Denver area in March of 2015 with her boyfriend, Andrew. Crista is the oldest of 8 total children (so you know why she moved out here). Her goal as a patient educator is to make your first few experiences here the best so that you will want to continue to come and see us! She also has some amazing photography skills, so if you need x-rays, she is the one you will see!

Crista is currently attending school to finish her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Exercise Science through online education from the University of Maryland, how does she do it? Lots of coffee.
She has already completed her Associates in Physical Therapy at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, where she also competed in track and field in the events of discus and hammer throw.
Beyond her degrees she has obtained and is in the process of obtaining certifications in:

  • EMT-B (completed)
  • First Aid/CPR for the Professional Rescuer – Red Cross (completed)
  • Lifeguarding for the Professional Rescuer – Red Cross (completed)
  • How to make the best cup of coffee (in training)
  • X-ray Training (always training)
  • Patient Educator (always training)
Things she loves:

  • Animals; specifically dogs, owls and giraffes.
  • Coffee.
  • Hiking—you know, to go Pokémon hunting.
  • Call of Duty on the PS4 (yes, she is ranked in the world) so you can totally add her gamer-tag if you ask her for it.
  • Competing in Sports
    • Specifically the sports she competed in at younger ages; volleyball, basketball, competitive swimming, competitive weight lifting, track and field, and softball.
  • Watching Sports:
    • Baseball (Red Sox and Rockies)
    • Football (Notre Dame and Saints)
    • Hockey (Avalanche)