Don’t Lose Your Head Over Headaches!

Headaches are characterized by throbbing pain which generally radiates all throughout the forehead region or in the temple regions. Headaches can be localized to a particular region over the head or generalized. Headaches can really cause hammering pain which makes us unable to concentrate on any particular task at hand. Chronic headaches, persistent despite employing several remedies, seem to consume our consciousness throughout the day. Headaches can vary in their pain intensity depending on whether they are tension, migraine or sinus headaches, based on their cause. Tension headaches are usually mild in their pain as compared to a migraine or sinus headaches, which are more severe, and are associated with nausea, vomiting, fever or fatigue.

Causes of Headaches

Primary headaches are usually triggered by the following factors such as lack of adequate sleep or changes in sleep pattern, skipping meals, work pressures or emotional stress, poor posture. There are other causes which give rise to secondary headaches such as acute sinusitis, alcohol hangovers, hypertension, and dehydration and, in more severe cases, the presence of brain tumor.

Strategies to avoid Headaches from hampering your productivity

Checking On Your Posture

Avoid sitting too close or stooping over the computer screen. When at work, inappropriate posture can cause undue strain on the eye muscles, thus causing mild headaches. So keep the computer screen at a distance of 1-2 feet away from your face and follow the 20-20-20 rule.

Be Consistent With Your Habits

Daily habits of sleep, meals & work need to be regularized to keep the biological cycle in sync to maintain health.

Adequate Sleep

Poor sleep can deprive the brain of adequate rest for restoration which causes strain in the functioning of other organs.

Maintain Hydration Levels

Dehydration decreases low blood pressure causing inadequate blood supply to the brain, hence causing headaches.

Manage Stress

Practice yoga, relaxation techniques and personal hobbies to de-stress yourself.

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