Leg/Knee Pain


The knee joint is one of the important joints in the body. It comprises of the shin bone (tibia), the thigh bone (femur) and the kneecap (called patella). The knee also has associated strong ligaments and tough fibrous cartilages called as meniscus which holds these three main bones together. The knee joint is one of the main joints that facilitate smooth movement & mobility in humans. Knee pain can arise from knee fractures, meniscus tear, sprains or dislocation of the knee cap. The pain can be quite debilitating depending on the severity of the damage caused to the knee. The symptoms can range from stiffness, locking of the knee (inability to move the affected knee), inability to stand, limping due to the pain, redness & swelling in the area around the affected knee.

Causes of Knee pain


The stretching and tearing of associated ligaments in the knee as a result of extreme twisting or a strong blow to the outside of the knee during sports such as football, rugby, wrestling or hockey.

Dislocation of kneecap & fractures

Fractures to the kneecap, lower end of the thigh bone or the shin bone often take place during motor accidents when the knee is badly crushed. In such cases, alternately, sometimes the kneecap also gets dislocated, causing severe pain.

Torn Meniscus

The meniscus is the tough, rubber-like ligaments which also can get torn when the knee gets twisted owing to fall injuries or accidents.


Old age can cause bone degeneration causing the bone to become porous and fragile and vulnerable to fractures. Knee pain can arise due to bone weakness as well.

Reasons for Ankle/Feet Pain

  • Physical Therapy – Exercises helps to improve the flexibility of knee muscles and reduce pain & swelling of the knee.
  • Acupuncture – Few studies have supported the uses of employing acupuncture therapy to ease knee pain. But, this is not well established as of yet.
  • Surgery – Severe knee dislocations & fractures may require total or partial knee replacement or arthroscopic knee surgery.

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