Chiropractic Conditions We Treat

Painful Conditions

Quickly eliminate painful conditions like headaches, back pain, muscle tightness and much more…

Brain Fog

Brain Fog is a general term for what psychiatrists and others call several different conditions that are very com­mon prob­lems that peo­ple just deal with because there is no med­ical cure.

Neurological Conditions

Neurological conditions like numbness, tingling, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and nerve pain are often caused by stretched nerves in your spinal cord.


Why is posture such a big deal to our health? It’s the missing ingredient that’s been ignored in our health care.

At West2North Medical Solutions Denver, we offer chiropractic care featuring Advanced BioStructural Correction™.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is a huge advance in the
natural and nonsurgical correction of human body structure.

How and Why ABC™ Works and How it is Different

If you get ANY physical treatment that is actually correcting your body structure you MUST get this result on the first visit — your shoulders stay upright immediately with no effort on your part and both your breathing and heart function immediately improve. Anything less and they are not correcting your structure, but just moving things around in the hope you will be better.

The reason: Because Advanced BioStructural Correction™ ABC™ is truly an advance that makes actual CORRECTION of body structures consistent and predictable doable (bio = life so BioStructural = life structures or bodies). It is astonishing what occurs when you have true correction of your body structure but in our culture that forces bodies into a forward bend, this will occur with everyone on their first session of ABC™.

You probably think that poor posture and the bent over look in the elderly is due to old age. If that were true no young people would have poor posture but many do. You also might think that people have poor posture because are not doing something to stand up straighter. That is true but only AFTER your body structure starts breaking down and is not corrected. When your body structure is corrected, your posture stays upright all by itself with no effort as the people in these pictures do — that is right, the after treatment pictures are with everyone RELAXED.

YES, the people in these pictures are standing RELAXED before and after their first treatment with Advanced BioStructural Correction™  (bio=life so biostructure = your body). That means their bodies are staying upright all by themselves with no effort. ABC™ is the only method of body treatment that results in your body staying upright all by itself with no effort because it is the ONLY method of body treatment that actually corrects your structure.

Seem like a large or audacious claim that cannot be fulfilled? Investigate for yourself — no other method of body treatment even comes close to making that claim because no other method gets these results.

So, when your body structure is corrected your posture stays upright with no effort.